Treatment Options

We have been there. We haverecovered. We can show you how.

Starting your journey to recovery can feel like an overwhelming one, so we’re here to make it as stress free as possible. We are passionate about providing an empathic, caring and professional service to every one of our clients. We are confident that from your very first contact with one of our team, you will feel that you are in good hands.

Book or call us now to start your journey with your very own therapist who is guaranteed first-hand experience of OCD.


Before accessing one of our treatment options, we need to conduct as assessment in order to advise you on what option may suit you best. However, if you are sure you are looking for easily accessible, weekly sessions over the phone or online, then you can start this process by booking an assessment right now.

Skype/Phone Assessment to access weekly online sessions

Assessment to access weekly sessions at our clinic

Assessment to access intensive treatment

Treatment Options

With truly flexible treatment options, we have something that will suit everyone.

Weekly sessions

Once you have conducted your assessment with your allocated therapist, they will be able to book you in for your next session. Weekly sessions can be conducted on an entirely flexible basis, taking lace over a weekly, bi weekly, monthly or ad hoc basis.

One to one Intensive Treatment

Our most intensive treatment plan, offering an entirely bespoke experience with your very own therapist. Access 20 hours of one to one therapy over a five day period of time acting as a true intervention, so that you are can start getting your life back once again.

Group Intensive Treatment

The group intensive treatment program has all of the benefits of one to one therapy, just conducted in a slightly different way. Equally as effective as our one to one intensive treatment, the group program allows you to meet others with OCD creating an incredibly powerful therapeutic experience.

Why choose intensive treatment?

The intensive options allow us to quickly educate, identify and challenge unhelpful core beliefs and most importantly work at changing compulsive behaviour of our clients. Regardless of the option you choose, we will always work through our very holistic and effective program, if appropriate. Our intensive treatment options simply allow us to implement the skills and techniques at a much faster rate, meaning a faster recovery.

Dr Saxena , a Psychiatrist of the University of California, San Diego, School of Medicine concluded that after 4 weeks of intensive treatment for patients with OCD, patients showed significant improvements in their OCD symptoms, and their ability to function, based on PET scans. Result success was also found in patients that had previously not responded successfully to standardized CBT.

Dr Saxena concluded: “Our study reinforced the efficacy of the treatment, and now we’ve shown how it works in the brain.”